3 Reasons why you should get into the overstock business At Tillots.com we are always aiming to provide value to our buyers.  Whether you are an e-bay seller, or are looking stock your shelves with some fresh inventory, purchasing more inventory always helps the consumer add that extra item they may not have known they needed prior to seeing it. For this reason, we have created the ultimate on why YOU should get into the overstock business.

1.  Their Loss Is Your Gain!

As many already know, big box retailers aren't always efficient with their purchasing.  Although they have an army of employees at bay to help with such things, it just seems to never work out when it comes to complete sell-outs.  This leaves behind a mountain of great product that moved at a high rate, however is left with remnant units waiting to be seen by the right buyers.  Often times, big box retailers have tight time constraints on when their shelves need to be replenished with newer products leaving them to have to liquidate their excess inventory to large purchasers like us. This is where your opportunity comes.  We are able to purchase that excess inventory at a fraction of the cost and we can they relay those cost savings on to you ensuring
that you have the perfect margin to continue to sell these products at a great value to your end consumer.

2.  Make use of your great seller reviews!

Do you already have a successful online or offline store?  If so, congratulations!  The ability to leverage your current user/customer base along with any great reviews will help you multiply the number of eyes you are able to get on your products.  Adding on the free marketing by the great brands we buy from, this makes selling our items a breeze.  Brand's you may have once only dreamt of working with are now attainable without all the red tape involved with dealing with them directly.  Not to mention their large product minimums, you are now able to purchase smaller lots and most times of a mixed variety in an instant.  Being able to quickly upload or showcase this product is another added bonus.  Typically when placing a fresh order with many suppliers can take months.  Once you purchase from us, we work with your preferred shipper to ensure a quick and timely delivery within 2 working days of your purchase.

3.  Low Risk, High Reward

Always wanted to get into the retail business but fear the large upfront costs and risks?  Buying from Tillots.com can help you ease your way into this new found revenue path.  Our listings often provide a breath of varied products.  This will allow you to dip your toe into verticals you may be looking to test without the unnecessary risk of going "all in".  Testing new product is at the heart of all strong retail businesses, some would even say it's their differentiating factor.  Utilizing a provider like us guarantees you not only receive great quality product, but also allows you to control the level at which you purchase leaving you with extra funds to put forth into other parts of your newly formed business. There you have it!  3 great reasons why you should get into the overstock business.  We are always happy to help with any questions you may have on your journey.  Please feel free to reach out at anytime!